How Fashion Brands Are Maximizing Marketing,

Written By Adam Nasso

As the current digital era in marketing has reached new innovations, fashion companies are rethinking their branding strategies to inspire consumers to take an interest in their products and brand. Fashion marketing deviates from normal marketing approaches as the industry is constantly evolving with new trends due to the popularity and accessibility of social media. Furthermore, due to the recent pandemic of COVID-19, the key to continuing success for fashion brands has been identified as visibility. In order to achieve visibility, fashion marketing has emphasized the three main strategies to engage with their consumers as brand collaboration, influencer affiliation, and corporate sustainability.

Brand collaboration has been affective for fashion brands who want to tap into new markets and obtain a presence in uncharted territory. The marketing exposure from the collaboration helps both brands reach new audiences, create engaging campaigns, and expand their marketing through various channels. In 2020, the brand collaborations that are making headlines are Adidas x Craig Green, YEEZY x Gap, and Rick Owens x Champion. According to CNBC, “Gap shares soared on Friday, going up as much as 40% after Kanye West shared a photo that touted his collaboration with the retailer.” Brand collaboration an marketing is an innovative tactic that can expand awareness, increase revenue and reach target markets in a cost-effective approach.

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The growth of social media networks has allowed influencers to be reached by brands in order to promote their product to their specific target audience. During the COVID-19 pandemic, social platform TikTok gained global attention after seeing a 27% increase in downloads during the first 23 days of March. Using social influencers is beneficial to fashion marketing as it allows easy access to loyal fan bases, high engagement rate, boosts website traffic and offers the consumers trust through credibility. During Milan Fashion Week, luxury fashion house Prada sent TikTok star Charli D’amelio to Milan to post content and promote their upcoming collection. Jenny Lang, SVP and managing partner of integrated investment at UM Worldwide stated, “If you look at females ages 16-24, it’s a 60% reach. It’s not as big as some other platforms, but the engagement level is amazing.” With over 800 million active users, TikTok’s vast audience and popularity with Generation Z customers make it a competitive force in the fashion marketing industry.

Sustainability for fashion brands is a comprehensive approach that is focused on creating and maximizing long-term economic, social and environmental value. Consumers have shown an interest in sustainable fashion by concentrating on the materials being used, the working conditions of their workers, and the high quality that a brand is available to offer. Denim leader
and provider Levi’s released a new collection, Water<Less, where they will use up to 96% less water. Moreover, Levi’s will also work towards 100% sustainably sourced cotton and recycling old jeans through their manufacturing process.

As reported by James Story, sustainability and fashion marketing “can humanize your brand messages and create another reason why customers should choose you over your competition.”

Establishing this initiative can help enhance fashion brands and increase their competitive advantage in a digital marketing era. Remember: this is a powerful marketing tool that can benefit both you and the reader, while providing them with valuable information about your business. Use it well, from sharing informative blog posts or announcing upcoming events, product launches, and company milestones. When you're ready to send out your newsletter, review your copy and edit it accordingly.
Fashion marketing in 2020 has changed the way brands reach their audiences and target market. It is essential and vital for brands to increase their visibility in order to survive these unprecedented times in a constant evolving industry. Exploring brand collaboration, influencer affiliation, and corporate sustainability may be crucial for long-term success in the world of fashion.

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