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People Who Sparkle - Danny Clavijo

We spotted Daniel Clavijo aka Danny on instagram and basically instantly became obsessed with his take on fashion. Mixing his Colombian roots with some Canadian Flare Danny is taking social media by...

We spotted Daniel Clavijo aka Danny on instagram and basically instantly became obsessed with his take on fashion. Mixing his Colombian roots with some Canadian Flare Danny is taking social media by storm and is one to watch on IG and Tiktok. His creative eye landed him as creative/art director at Freshii and also runs his own design based agency in Toronto. We chatted with him to get to know him a little better and share with you how he truly sparkles. 


Where is fashion heading for 2022 and beyond? 

The future of fashion is something that REALLY EXCITES ME! in fact I think learning about fashion from its origins + learning about some of the amazing designers from our time was the reason i started focusing on fashion this year - I believe fashion is having such a drastic shift from what it used to be. Fashion itself and the fashion industry is heading to a place where it is all about inclusivity, sustainability and self expression without following traditional gender norms. More and more people are making and purchasing clothes keeping all of that in mind and I truly feel that the fashion world is heading to a very magical place where most companies will be at least partially sustainable. a place where we will see men wearing skirts and eventually no one is going to give a damn about who can wear what. As I said before I think fashion is the most beautiful form of self expression. Don't even get me started with all of the amazing new technology that a lot of artists have access to these days which is opening the doors to a whole new generation of designers just look at Cameron Hughes who has a background in engineering and he makes beautiful clothing using robotics, fabric and magic. 

What would be some sparkling words of encouragement you would give to your younger self ? 


I think there are several things I would love to tell my younger self, but related to this topic.. I grew up in a very traditional catholic family with very very young parents and even though they dressed nice, fashion was never their priority when they had to bring food to the table every day, so I really never understood the power of fashion and how amazing it can make you feel until I was older. I would tell my younger self to never be afraid of exploring any way I want to dress, to think outside the box when it comes to fashion, to take risks and always work hard, to never stop dreaming because it wasn't until very recently that I stopped following the expectations of what other people wanted to see me wearing and instead, Now I truly use fashion to express myself, to feel fierce, to let my creativity out and to inspire younger people that maybe feel afraid of dressing however they want to. This has opened many doors for me these past couple of months and I feel it is just the beginning to a new chapter in my life. 


How do you leave your sparkle in the world ?


I leave a sparkle in the world by living a very authentic life myself, I know people say instagram is always fake and we only show what we want everyone to see but I truly feel I live a life that i'm so freaking proud of, I do what I like, I feel proud of the work I put out in the world not only at freshii or my company but now instagram has encouraged me to inspire people to live their lives in the most authentic way through fashion and dressing however they want. There is something so magical about feeling so fierce and empowered when you feel you do things for yourself, freely.


What is one item in your wardrobe everyone should own ?

I think everyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with a good crop top, I feel they can be styled so easily and there are multiple crop top lengths which can be adapted to all body types and occasions. + they always look fierce.

Do you have a story about an outfit, accessory or item of clothing that really made you feel like you sparkle?


Love that you ask this, I recently grabbed drinks with some investors and i decided to wear the amazing The Mayer blue sequins bomber jacket and styled it with blue wide pants an asymmetrical crop top and matching jocks - before I left my house I seriously kept looking and the mirror and just couldn’t believe how amazing that outfit made me feel but i also kept thinking if it was a bit much? I decided to stick with my feelings and decided to just go with it. Not only did I steal the show the entire night but I closed an important deal and met amazing people. Plus I swear the jacket was so sparkly that I felt like an actual star. 

Follow Danny on IG and Tiktok so your daily style Inspiration never ends. 


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