MAYER Official is a slow fashion brand at its core. The collection is thoughtful, intentional, and inclusive. Our brand’s processes pair seamlessly with our customers’ shopping habits.

We aim to reduce textile waste and utilize enduring styles with layering options to create classic and versatile pieces.

Our brand’s social impact enables our customers to sparkle on the inside and shine brightly on the outside, knowing that they are helping to make a difference in their community.


At MAYER Official, fabric is the starting process of our creative journey.

High-quality European textiles form the foundation of garments made to be lived in and last a lifetime.

From the Brand's use of signature shine and sparkle, to new and exciting fiber technology, each piece is thoughtfully and meticulously made to stand the test of time with a classic yet unique twist.


MAYER Official prides itself on making high quality garments that are sourced and manufactured locally. We are working towards being a fully-sustainable brand in the future.

We aim to create unique designs that become timeless heirlooms for the generations to come. We are fashion for a lifetime.

MAYER Official understands the impact that production and sourcing can have on the environment and aims to reduce its carbon footprint with every new collection.

We select local manufacturers that maintain ethical supply chain practices for our front- line workers and source as many sustainable fabrics as possible.