People Who Sparkle - Luna DuBois
We would love to introduce you to the fabulous Luna DuBois who we had the honor of closing our runway show this season at International Fashion Encounter. Luna is an incredible drag performer based out of Toronto, Canada and has one of the most beautiful signature make up looks we have ever seen. We are so excited for you all to get to know Luna a bit better in the little interview we had together. 


Where is fashion heading for 2022 and beyond?
In my personal opinion, fashion reinvents itself. A lot of fashion eras from the past seem to be coming back and the cycle just continues. Just up until about 2109 we were seeing a lot of 80s and 90s fashion, but currently we've been seeing a lot of Y2K which honestly I couldn't have predicted, and I think it's gonna continue a little bit into 2022 and possibly transitioning into what've been seeing on the runways of fashion week these recent seasons.  A lot of high fashion designers' newest collections tend to have a very contemporary and futuristic vibe. Lately, I've been loving Mugler, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, etc. I could literally go on!

How do you leave your sparkle in the world? I leave my sparkle in the world just by being kind to everyone I meet everyday. Being kind costs nothing and it goes a long way, you can make someone's day just from being kind. 


What is one item in your wardrobe everyone should own?
A beret! I love to throw on a beret when I'm having a bad hair day or don't have enough to style my hair, and in drag when I wanna wear too much hair or no hair at all! 


Do you have a story about an outfit, accessory or item of clothing that really made you feel like you sparkled?
I feel the most sparkly in my rose gold sequin disco look! I always feel my studio 54 disco disco fantasy. 


What did you learn about yourself or a skill you picked up during the pandemic?
I didn't really pick up any new skills, but I did learn a few things about myself and came to a realization about a lot of things. I was able to have hard conversations with family members, which allowed me to love myself even more. 


What would be some sparkling words of encouragement you would give to your younger self?
It will get better the moment you start post-secondary, so just ride out the tough high school days and keep your head high and don't worry about the bullies. 


Be sure to follow Luna on Instagram and get inspired by their incredible serves.  

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