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People Who Sparkle - Pietro Pantanella

For our first People Who Sparkle we wanted to highlight a long time supporter of Mayer Pietro Pantanella.

For our first People Who Sparkle we wanted to highlight a long time supporter of Mayer Pietro Pantanella. You will find Pietro strutting on the runways here in the Toronto fashion scene and continually inspires us with the creativity he puts into his social media feeds. Here is a little conversation we had with him to help you all see why he truly sparkles. 

What is your favourite thing that sparkles ?

When I was just a baby my Nonni & Nonno (grandparents) gifted me my first gold Italian charm - the cornicello. I still to this day cherish the charm and always remember them when putting it on. Italians are very superstitious and it is said this charm helps ward off ill thoughts against you from others (the Italian version of the evil eye) - it was one of their ways of protecting me as a baby. I will always cherish this piece of jewelry - it will forever be my favorite thing that sparkles!

What is one item in your wardrobe everyone should own ? And why? 

I would hands down pick my leather biker jacket. It is an item I feel everyone should have in their wardrobe. Whatever style of coat you love a piece of high-quality leather is always a must. Not only is a leather jacket timeless it always pairs well with any outfit! If you don't have one.. GET ONE - you will not regret it!

How do you leave your sparkle in the world ?

​Laughter! It truly cures all and who doesn't love a good laugh? It is quite amusing when meeting new people how often I hear they find me intimidating or stern in exterior but later express how funny I am once they interact with me. Don't let this resting face fool you I am very goofy! When it's my time I hope to be remembered for making people laugh - that would be the best!

What did you learn about yourself or a skill you picked up during the pandemic? 

​Like the majority I found myself with a lot of extra time to sharpen up some old skills. I found myself back in the kitchen really enjoying cooking my meals and avoiding takeout! I had joined a food delivery box that comes weekly (at the recommendation of friends) and really began to appreciate the time spent prepping and cooking. I have since continued with the service and it has become normal routine, I'm glad I got myself back into the swing of things in the kitchen! 

What would be some sparkling words of encouragement you would give to your younger self ? 

​Own it! Don't spend any time hiding or worrying - it all works out. Remain confident in times of self doubt and chase what truly makes you happy. You're much stronger than you think so push yourself at every challenge. Stay focused. 

Do you have a story about an outfit, accessory or item of clothing that really made you feel like you sparkle?

I have a strong love for tailored suits. Call it my suit of armor there is just something that I feel each and every time I get to wear a suit! No matter the color or cut I definitely sparkle most in a tailored look! 

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