Taking Care

Environment & Supply Chain

As a fashion brand, we strive to create fully sustainable collections in the future. Mayer understands the impact that production and sourcing can have on the environment and aims to reduce our carbon footprint with every collection we make. We select local manufacturers that maintain ethical supply chain practises for our front line workers and source as many sustainable fabrics as possible for our collections.

Our People

Giving back to the community is a significant part of the Mayer brand. It is important to support local small business but also the people of our city. During the Covid-19 Pandemic we created a fashion face mask collection where a portion of proceeds are donated to The 519, a city of Toronto Agency supporting the LGBT+ community.

Our latest campaign LOCAL LOVER was launched to raise awareness in supporting the small entrepreneur as well as providing support to Uplift Kitchen TO, a community based non-profit providing food and services to black communities affected by the Pandemic and systemic racism.